Thursday, July 18, 2013

Girls' Night In: Wine and Cheese Night

Last week in Arizona, my sister in law and I went to a wine bar for our girls' night out. It was this swanky little place that served small plates along with their impressive wine selections. Jenny and I ordered the butcher block, a meat and cheese plate with olives, hummus, and nuts to complement our vino. It was so good, we gobbled every bite and declared it to be the only way to eat for all time and eternity.

I wanted to recreate that experience with my girlfriends here in California, but with traveling husbands, babies, and schedules to synchronize, going out was going to be difficult. So we stayed in and had a wine night at my house!

I don't formally entertain very often because the thought of preparing my home and food for other people makes me anxious. But, it was so simple, there was nothing to be anxious about. There was very little prep involved. I assembled groupings of food that traditionally pair well with wine. Everything was very simple, the only food items I prepared were the roasted asparagus, caprese skewers, and a cake. I laid everything out a few minutes before my friends showed up, turned on some music, and waited for the fun to start.

Wine and Cheese Girls' Night In Menu:

- Cheese, I served manchego and toscano
- Grapes
- Mediterranean olives
- Roasted asparugus
- Caprese skewers (skewer grape tomatoes, basil, and fresh mozzarella on toothpicks or kabob skewers)
- An assortment of cured meats. I served salami, prosciutto, and capicola (tip: wrap the asparagus in the meat and eat it rolled up together)
- Artisanal bread with butter and/or pesto
- Caramel cake
- Wine

It was such a fun night. We ate, sipped our wine, and told hilarious stories until after midnight. And my friend Monica told us a ghost story that is still freaking me out and I don't even believe in ghosts!! It was a great night in and I can't wait to host another one! 

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  1. Aly! You are so fun! That's a fabulous spread!