Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The New (Used) Model

We leave for the beach a week from Friday. That means baby's first swimsuit, lots of sand in her diapers, tons of gear to remember to pack and our first family vacation. Hopefully we will avoid baby's first sunburn and baby's first road trip tantrum....

It also means my first time in a swimsuit postpartum. Oh the fright.

I actually don't hate my postpartum body. It's not all that different from before I got pregnant, gained 48 lbs, carried a baby to term and nursed for 6 months and counting (good genes I suppose). I was one of the lucky ones that never got a stretch mark or the dreaded muffin top that plagues most mommies (if you're starting to hate me, remember I gained 48 lbs. That's a 2nd grader).

What I love the most about my body is what it is capable of doing. I grew a human folks (well, God grew her. I just housed the equipment needed for His project). My body sustained life for 9 months, then birthed that life without any trauma to either of us and now continues to nourish her little body. And I have nothing to do with it (well, technically I do since it's my body but you know what I mean). That makes me love my postpartum body more than any abdominal definition I had prior to pregnancy ever could.

This new (used) body can do more on less sleep than my pre-baby body ever could, and still have energy left over. I stay amazed at this because I AM SO TIRED.

So with all of that in mind, I plan to don my swimsuit with the confidence that "I am wonderfully and fearfully made" Psalms 139:14. And hopefully encourage all mommies to embrace their new (used) bodies as well, whatever condition they may be in. Because no matter how much wear and tear they may have, we grow humans. And that is awesome.


  1. you really need to consider writing a book. I think most mommies would buy it, read it, LOVE IT!

  2. I am going to start following! Welcome to the bloggity blog world. (and I'll try not to hate you for the lack of stretch marks! LOL!)

  3. Yay for growing humans! booo stretch marks!...and I only gained 18pds. Darn it. :)

  4. Yes! I LOVE this blog :) I guess I will wear my suit to take DD swimming tomorrow with friends...